Whisky Cast ‘Club of the Month’

Back in October, SWWIG was awarded Whisky Cast’s ‘Club of the month‘ award, in association with Glencairn gives us 24 new glasses for our samplings. Delivery was taken in December and we broke them out (not literally) at the first tasting event of the year.

Since establishing SWWIG, I’ve been listening to Mark Gillespie’s Whisky Cast podcast somewhat religiously! Having two dogs to walk has always given me plenty of time to listen to podcasts, so it was great to find another one to listen to. Mark’s passion for whisky, plus his journalistic professionalism creates a podcast that is both informative, detailed and passionate. Even when I was starting into the world of whisky, the podcasts rarely has a time when it talks down to the listener, or goes over their head with terminology or implied knowledge.

Although the glasses and acknowledgement may be considered at creating a bias in my opinion, I always have recommended Whisky Cast to everyone at SWWIG events long before this tasting. Really there is no other better place to get news, interviews and in depth information about the world of whisky.

So head out there and take a listen Рlike their facebook page or follow him on twitter, but remember to say that you heard of him through me!




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