Welcome Back Everyone!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you’ve all had a great summer holiday and are ready try join us on your whisky exploration. Summer has been exciting time here at SWWIG as we’ve got some new people, new events and most importantly, some new venues.

New Contributors!

Firstly, I’d like to welcome Daryl our latest contributor the SWWIG blog and I’d like to thank him for all the hard work he’s put into it! If you haven’t done so, please take a moment to go read some of Daryl’s excellent reviews including some fantastic bargains, some envious samples and a dram from one of my favourite distilleries from across the pond.

New Tastings!
Which leads me perfectly on to the news tastings event – A Whiskies of the World tasting evening held at the Lamb in Newport on the 25th of September. We’ve got some fantastic whiskies to try,including the famous Yamazaki 18 which retails at £150- you can try it and five other drams for £14.50.  Also, those of you who subscribe to the mailing list may have hopefully seen a little discount?

…and some dates to add to your diary!

9th October – We’re very pleased to announced that we’ve teamed up with Brewdog in Cardiff, and will be running a Independent bottlers tasting evening. This is fantastic opportunity to promote the club, so I’d love you all to attend. Tickets will go on sale on the 26th November, so be sure to snap one up.

13th November – We have secured a space in Barocco in Cardiff – the whole of the upstairs with seating for +35 people! If things go well for this event, we hope to use this as our home in Cardiff for 2015. The theme for this tasting will be announced soon.

27th November – End of year review at the Lamb in Newport. Join us for a fun and informal tasting event to reflect on year before the chaos of Christmas ensues. We’ll be bringing a very famous dram along for this event!

Yours in Spirit,

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