Drinking Whisky to lose weight?

Okay, this may be slightly misleading but bear with me here. Over he past 18 months, I’ve been on a bit of a health drive losing a few (several) stone along the way. Part of this, I think I can put down to whisky.

Bit of background to me…

So as I mentioned in an earlier post, I have always been a beer drinker, and also enjoyed a wine on social occasions with my family. The main trouble I had was that I can drink fast, always have. This isn’t confined to alcohol, I always get through soft drinks quick as well. If I’m standing at a pub, having to hold the drink, it’s even worse. A pint of beer or a glass of wine always tended to go quickly! The other thing I noticed is that I tend to finish drinks, in a ‘polishing off kind of way’. We’ve all brought a bottle of wine on a Friday night and when it’s down to the last third, well, there’s no point in keeping it is there?

How’s it’s helped…

Whisky helps with both of these. Firstly, whisky isn’t a beverage that you can drink quick, especially something cask strength. It’s the first drink I’ve found that I actually sip, savour and enjoy, especially with a dram that has a  long finish. On a recent Balcones Twitter tasting, some of their drams last five minutes after the first sip! My interest in whisky also helps substantially as I know a lot more about what goes into its production, I’m drinking it slowly on purpose and enjoying it more.
Secondly, when it comes to whisky, there’s too much of it(!) –  well, too much to finish in one sitting at least. There’s no way I’m ever going to buy a 70cl bottle of whisky on a Friday night and finish it in one sitting! I’ve been ‘serious’  about whisky for about 8 months now, in that I have a collection/selection on bottles on the shelf. I find this is extremely useful, as on a Friday night I can slowly go between a few samples from a few bottles. There’s no rush to finish, no novelty sized glasses of wine, no thoughts of ‘I’ll finish the last beer, as then they’ll be none in the house to tempt me’, or ‘that wine bottle is taking up a lot of room in the fridge’! The whisky bottles are always there, looking pretty, but not tempting – it’s my collection.

Plus there’s the calories!

I had a quick look to see how the calories stack up and found the following (brought to you in double kitkats as they’re 100 kcals each!):

Calories per drink

So I realise this is in landlord 25ml measures, so to give the others a sporting chance in comparison:

  • A generous home serving 50ml of Bowmore Malt whisky is 110 calories
  • A my hand slipped 70ml Auchentoshan is 155 calories

So four pints of beer is somewhere near 800-1000 calories, while four very good measures of whisky are around 600 calories. If you’ve ever measured your calories burnt during exercise, 400 calories is not that easy!
Now obviously not drinking any alcohol would be zero calories, but until someone makes that, I’m quite happy with my change!

So not only does whisky taste fantastic, it’s also a great alternative drink if you’re looking to lose weight – I know it’s helped me. Overall, I’m drinking less and I’m drinking better!

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