Togouchi premium blended whisky tasting

Togouchi premium blended Japanese whisky 70cl 40% ABV

Togouchi whisky

What we have here is a particularly unusual whisky. The ‘Japanese Blended Whisky’ printed on the label doesn’t tell the whole story, it’s actually comprised of Scottish malt whisky and Canadian grain. It is blended by Chugoku Jozo after they pay the required taxes on the imported barrels of spirit. After this the whisky is apparently naturalised and is now Japanese whisky. The Chugoku Jozo master blenders then take the whisky and place it into sherry and brandy barrels for maturation. This strange spirit couldn’t be matured in any old warehouse so Chugoku Jozo made use of a railway tunnel that never took on it’s original calling. The underground location gives the whisky a constant environment of 14 degrees C and 80% humidity. I picked this bottle up from Master of Malt for just over £40.


Togouchi box



Nose: pine needles, pine wood very resinous. Sharp grain alcohol. Quite unusual. Light vanilla and malty sweetness. Woody. Unripe fruit and nutty spice. The addition of water does open up the whisky and tones down the alcohol aroma.

Togouchi bottle

Palate: smooth thick body. Sweet, a little smoke. Opens up with water. Sharp and spicy in the middle with rye spice balanced with sweetness. A light blend.

Finish: smooth light, fresh woody finish. Medium length and pleasant.

Overall a smooth fresh whisky. With it’s spicy tang and a finish that doesn’t linger would make it a great pre-dinner drink. Try it with soda as a high ball. I would like to give the 12 and 18 year old expressions a go because I feel this no age statement bottle needed a little longer in the tunnel.




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