Hazelburn 12 years old mini tasting

Hazelburn 12 years old 20cl 46% ABV



Hazelburn in glass


Hazelburn is a triple distilled offering from the Campbeltown distillery Sprinkbank. This 20cl miniature came in a set alongside Springbank 10 years old and Longrow. It’s unchill filtered, no added colour and bottled at the correct 46% ABV. The natural colour of this whisky is a dark golden brown.


Nose: fresh citrus. Lemons, oranges, orange blossom. Plums. Rich Sherry. Honeyed malt. Some spice. Tart fruit. Floral and perfumed. The slightest smoke hint. Absolutely wonderful.


Palate: very light and smooth in the mouth, I was expecting it to be quite thick and mouth coating being 46%. The flavours are light at the start, then quickly develop. It ‘s very fragrant and floral. Lots of orange and dried citrus peel. Tangy and with a malty spice.

Finish: slightly smokey, smooth wood. Medium length and clean with toasted wood.

I really enjoyed this dram, the delicate mouth-feel, and the abundance of orange and citrus notes which I really like in a whisky. It has a full flavour but the easy delivery makes it a very relaxing drink.















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