Bladnoch 20 year old Distillery Label Tasting

Bladnoch 20 year old Distillery Label 3cl sample 46% ABV

Bladnoch is Scotland’s most Southerly distillery. Located in Galloway it has been producing Lowlands whisky since 1817. The distillery has only 1 wash and 1 spirit still, with an annual production of  around 250,00 litres. This sample is taken from a Mater of Malt Lowlands tasting set. It’s unchill filtered and comes un-sullied by caramel. The distillery is currently not in operation due to the owners, Co-Ordinated Development Services, going into liquidation earlier this year. Hopefully this matter can be resolved because this is a  fine dram indeed.

Bladnoch 20yr old sample

Colour: natural, light straw yellow.

Nose: opens up after being allowed to breathe in the glass for a while with a splash of water. It’s quite light and fragrant with a malty sharpness. Green fruits and citrus. Grassy and herbal.

Palate: the body is thick and mouth coating. It goes from smooth and syrupy to quite spicy. After the spice it turns dry with creamy wood. Plums. Dry sherry. Red grape skins, tannin dryness. Malty Assam tea notes. Medium roast coffee beans. Vanilla fudge.

Finish: oaky, lasting and slightly tannic and dry. A great finish for a lighter style Lowlander.

A very nice drinking Lowland whisky. The palate is layered, fruity and sherried. Lovely oak satisfying finish. It’s not the first time Bladnoch has shut down so let’s hope someone gets it going again.




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