Balcones Brimstone tasting

Balcones Brimstone 75cl 53% ABV

Balcones Brimstone


This craft straight corn whisky comes from Balcones distillery in Waco, Texas. The 100% blue corn spirit is smoked using a secret method over Texas oak. It comes in a very attractive bottle with a wax style seal on the shoulder and large cork stopper. You can tell real care and thought went into the labelling, which is high quality thick paper and complements the whiskies’ rich colour well. It would stand up well with strong flavours like BBQ food and char grilled meats.

Brimstone front label  Brimstone rear label

Nose: without water you get fresh, real wood smoke. Sweet wood smoke and charcoal. Very spicy. Sweetness of the corn then comes through, along with sugar and cola cubes. Soft fruit note. Adding water mellows the spirit and brings out a smoother, less spicy wood smoke. Brown sugars.

Palate: before the addition of water the whisky is thick, rich and syrupy. Buttery. Big smoke hit, very peppery, smoked chillies and spicy.  Water makes for a more controlled spice that you can take time to savour. Silky. Black pepper.

Finish: starts with fresh wood. Then some tannins come in from the cask. Wood then becomes more smokey with a charcoal character. Bourbon sweetness. A little salty. Smoke goes on and on, with hints of smoked bacon.

This is one unique and tasty whisky. I very much more look forward to continuing with rest of the bottle and sharing with friends and fellow SWWIG members. The great advantage to the whisky being bottled at 53% ABV is you can choose how to drink it; without water for a big smoke and flavour hit or with a few drops for a sophisticated smokey sipper.



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