Balblair 2000 Single Cask tasting

Balblair 2000 Single Cask The Whisky Exchange Exclusive 70cl 53% ABV

Balblair 2000 Single Cask

The Balblair 2000 Single Cask was one of three different bottles I purchased following The Whisky Exchange Show. Being a fan of Balblair and Sherried whiskies I couldn’t resist. This vintage was released to commemorate 15 years of the Whisky Exchange’s online store. It’s matured in a first fill Sherry butt, a detour from Balblair’s more usual practice of using Bourbon casks. Unchill filtered and bottled at 53% ABV with a startling natural colour this is a very nice dram indeed.

Inside the box

Colour: very dark brown, reminds of Sam Adams’ Utopias ‘beer’

Nose: big rich Sherry arrival, smokey. Spicy toasted wood. Treacle. With water, loads of fruit, Sherried raisins and some stewed strawberries. Marzipan. Cognac notes. A real Christmas cake in a glass. Extremely deep and complex.

Balblair 2000 box Body: thick and syrupy.

Palate: creamy, buttery Sherry. Rich raisins and glacé cherries. Vanilla extract. Christmas pudding. With water the alcohol punch is softened. Dark chocolate coated  cherries. Red wine, vinous. Nutty, walnuts. Plums.

Finish: long and lasting. Quality cask notes. Vanilla and spicy. Medium roast coffee beans. Oily. Treacle toffee.

An epic Sherry monster. Rich and well balanced with great depth and complexity. No doubt a few drops of this will be feeding this year’s Christmas cake. It’s very drinkable and fun.

Balblair label

Cheers! Daryl




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