Whisky Tasting: Tour of Scotland

So Thursday saw the culmination of months of work for SWWIG – hosting our first ticketed tasting event. Although there was still plenty of room for attendance, the event looked the part and went down a storm.

Getting here…

I still remember how Matt and originally started planning what would later by named SWWIG, back on the ferry crossing from Islay last October. Looking back, it’s great to see how much it’s progressed, from initial setup on meetup.com, our first meetups in the Rummer Tavern, a crazy night of alcoholic exploration at Park house, the Six Nations tasting at my house, trips to Penderyn, Da Mhile all the way through to the our first ticketed event last Thursday. That ferry crossing seems such a long time ago!

In the background we’ve had to find a venue who’s willing to host us, build a website, advertise (on a limited budget), research licensing laws, purchase Glencairn glasses, create content for the website, build a social media presence – to name but a few of the steps. It hasn’t been all that bad, Matt and I have had to do a lot of researching for the perfect drams to share with our new community, so we’ve attended a few whisky festivals and twitter tastings – but these are things that you just have to do to get SWWIG of the ground.

The Evening Arrives…

So in the end, we were finally there, upstairs in the Urban Tap House, overlooking the Millennium Stadium, ready to welcome our guests for our first SWWIG Whisky Tasting in Cardiff. We had the glasses, the barmaid (thanks Mel), the posters out, the placemats ready, the tickets sold, the ‘talk’ written, reviewed and edited, and most of all we had the whisky-  we were ready!

We’d spent many weeks deciding upon the whisky selection to choose for each of the Scottish whisky regions. In the end we opted for the following:The evening's selection

Lowland: Auchentoshan Three Wood
Speyside: Signatory Mortlach 1995
Highland: Old Pulteney Navigator
Campbeltown: Springbank 12 Year Cask strength
Island: Tobermory 15
Islay: Ardbeg Uigeadail

I’m not going to spend time discussing a review of each of the expressions, our attendee’s nosings, or our favourites, as I’d like people to come along to our next event and experience it for themselves! Instead, let’s show a few photos to whet your appetite…

Overall the evening was very enjoyable and we got some fantastic reviews of our attendees. I suppose for Matt and I it has proven that we’ve got the format down, plus we’ve taken away a few tweaks that we’ll put in place in the next time. Most of all,  everyone who joined us showed interest that it would be something they’d regularly attend and by the end of the evening, it definitely felt like a club, rather than a corporate tasting, which is exactly what I was hoping for!


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