Whiskies of the World Event Recap

Hi All,

Last Thursday, 25th of September, we returned for our second event at The Lamb in Newport. While last time we toured Scotland, this time we toured the world, taking in Canada, the USA, South Africa, India and finally Japan. Read on to hear how it went

Tonight was a very popular evening with all tickets selling out a week before the event. In the end we had two extra tickets requested and a walk in, which brought the total attendees to 13, which is the total capacity for our area of the Lamb. So a complete sell us for us which makes everyone here at SWWIG very happy! 🙂

We’ve worked on the format a little this time and implemented some great new additions. Firstly, the first sample of the evening is a ‘Welcome Dram’ which people can start to enjoy when the evening begins. This helps to wake up the taste buds, get the conversation flowing, but also gives people a few minutes in case we have any people running a little late.  The second addition we have is an interval, which I didn’t realise how beneficial this would be – not only did it give me chance to catch my breath a bit, but it created a much more relaxed evening as again, conversation was encouraged between the attendees.

On to the whisky! As usual I’m not going into a in depth analysis of each of the whiskies, that’s what the evening’s are for! But to get here’s what we tried (just in case anyone’s keeping track!)

  1. Welcome Dram – Johnnie Walker Explorer’s Club The Spice Road Travel Retail Exclusive (Nice and short name!)
  2. Canada – Collingwood (Much easier to remember)
  3. USA – Four Roses Small Batch
  4. South Africa – Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky
  5. India – Paul John Brilliance
  6. Japan – Yamazaki 18


Money no object, the Yamazaki was definitely the most popular dram of the night, but when the £ is put into the equation, Paul John’s Brilliance was a clear winner. Despite it’s youth, it is incredibly rich and well rounded. The Johnnie Walker was also a very popular drink, especially the price – the lovely spicy notes easily make it my favourite JW that I’ve tried (and that includes the Blue!). The Collingwood also received many votes just for it’s drinkability and smoothness – the first ‘quaffable’ whisky I’ve ever tried! Just a lovely mellow dram; no burn and no offence!

Overall, tonight’s meeting went down very well and we received some great feedback, not only on the choice of whisky, but the format, talk etc. The best compliment I had was from someone attending the first time who said how ‘unpretentious’ the evening was, which is exactly what I was aiming for when we started with the tasting evenings.

Anyway, onwards and upwards. Thanks as always for the Lamb for hosting us, Mike and Daryl for helping out, but most importantly everyone for attending. I can’t wait to see you all again!

A few pictures from the evening:


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