The Lamb Tasting Evening

Following on from our success in Cardiff, we were kindly invited by the Lamb to run the first Newport Whisky tasting evening. Here’s how it went…

Armed with the whisky from the previous event, we decided to host the Tour of Scotland taMini bottlessting evening again, but this time with a few changes. Firstly we decided to reduce both the whisky serving size to 15ml – getting through 6x25ml shots turned out to be too generous and ambitious  for the majority of our members (after all we encourage responsible drinking). We also reduced the price of the event down to £12.50 which for this event included 6 drams and a Glencairn tasting glass (worth £5),  so a real bargain for our members at this event.

The main change we made to the format was to pre-measure all the
samples. This improved things two fold, firstly we didn’t spend time pouring glasses at the start of the evening, and secondly, it meant our members do not feel the need to finish the drinks as they can be taken away to finish at home.

Tonight’s samples were the following:whisky selection1

Lowland: Auchentoshan Three Wood
Speyside: Signatory Mortlach 1995
Highland: Old Pulteney Navigator
Campbeltown: Springbank 12 Year Cask strength
Island: Tobermory 15
Islay: Ardbeg Uigeadail


The most popular expression of the evening was definitely the Tobermory 15, there’s so much depth to this dram it’s far and away the highlight of the selection. Plus the presentation of the bottle is fantastic and feels high quality. The empty bottle alone weight almost 1kg!
On the back of that the Ardbeg was of course a favourite among the peat lovers with the Mortlach being a favourite with the lighter whisky focused members.

We received some very encouraging feedback from all our members including those starting out their dram discovery and those well versed in the ways of whisky. The best part was where one of the bar staff started listening in and eventually joined in the tasting with us! Overall we are very happy with how this event turned out and we can’t wait to announce some more events at this venue in the future – watch this space.

Finally, a special thanks to The Lamb for inviting and hosting our event (and the sandwiches at the end).

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