Beer and Whisky Pairing with Crafty Devil

Wednesday 2nd December saw us join the Crafty Devil Brew Co for a Beer and Whisky Pairing. Read on to find out how it went.

Having met Rhys and Adam from Crafty Devil on their opening weekend of their new cellar shop, we decided it would be great to join forces for a tasting evening. Although a few people were a little suspicious of the idea of a Beer and Whisky pairing evening, to me, it sounded like a perfect combination. As explained in the advert for the event, they are essentially drinks seperated at birth (whisky is, after all,  what beer wants to be when it grows up).

In total we had 25 people turn up for this event which was very well received. I knew we would be entertaining people who had never tried whiskies before, so I decided to get a selection that would, in the first few cases, be easy to find, and the latter something a bit more interesting.

The selection for the evening,

  1. Penderyn Madiera CaskIMG_0126.JPG
  2. An Cnoc 12 yo
  3. Glenrothes Select Reserve
  4. Jameson Caskmates
  5. Balcones Brimstone


The first few whiskies were paired with Crafty Devils Mikey Rayer IPA and Devil hopping IPA. Generally in the testing I found any light whisky, such as a classic Speyside or Welsh whisky pai
red very well with the fresh fruity grapefruit note on both the ales. The Jameson was paired with their milk stout, which worked fantastically well. In the end most people were combining them in the glass to create a irish coffee beer. All it needed was a shot of Baileys on the top and you had the perfect irish night in!

The final dram paired Arbor’s Smokescreen from the Bristol based brewery with Waco’s Balcones Brimstone. Both uniquely smoked, this was proof that beer and whisky work so well together, sometimes adding something to each drink, or creating something new entirely.



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