The Beginnings

Once beer buddies, old friends Jon and Matt discovered their love of a wee dram whilst on their occasional nights out at the Rummer Tavern in Cardiff. Sensing there was a wonderful world of whisky out there, they set about trying to discover more about this enchanting spirit and its variations – from smoky bonfire peatiness, fruity plump berries, honeyed tobacco amber or a light feathery touch of spun sugar – it’s amazing how one drink can have so many different flavours.

They decided to visit the holy grail of peaty whisky and visited Islay in the summer of 2013. They came back from Scotland with some incredible memories (and incredible purchases) so decided to try and join a local whisky appreciation club to meet others who shared their passion. When they found there wasn’t one, there was only one solution; to start one themselves!¬†Within weeks, the South Wales Whisky Interest Group (SWWIG) was born.

What We Do

Our mission is simple:

We are dedicated to bringing together dram-lovers from across South Wales and beyond to share in the appreciation and responsible enjoyment of whisky in all its forms. ¬†You don’t have to be an expert in whisky or know your Glenmorangie from your Glengoyne or have a perfect palate, it’s all about finding the whisky you enjoy and sharing your enthusiasm with us.

We organise tasting evenings, distillery tours and more. So if you fancy finding out more or attending one of our events, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!